resized_480x320_services_dentalHealthy teeth and gums will provide a higher quality and longevity of life while preventing potential health problems. Caring for your pet’s teeth and gums avoids unnecessary pain for your pet in the future not to mention better breath!

Why does my pet need dental care services? The vet checks their mouth during exams.

Great question and an important one! In order to maintain a high level of overall health it’s important to have your pet’s teeth examined and cleaned regularly. During a wellness exam the veterinarian is usually only allowed a few seconds to examine dental conditions – and that’s with an aggregable easy-going pet.

Broken and/or diseased teeth/gums are a perfect site for dangerous bacteria to enter your pet’s bloodstream. These bacteria can lead to potentially fatal diseases that can impact your pets vital organs. Think of dental care as preventative care. Gingivitis, the most common and prevalent disease in mouths can quickly spread out of control leading to tooth loss and decay.

Visiting your veterinarian regularly for dental exams and cleanings can help prevent this disease and even reverse gingivitis damage.

What to Expect?

First the veterinarian will access if your pet is healthy enough for anesthesia. Under light anesthesia and constant monitoring by veterinarians and technicians your pet’s mouth will be thoroughly examined. We will map and note details of every tooth, remove plaque, deep clean the gumline and determine if extractions or other dental procedures are needed. Once the cleaning and treatments are complete, a technician will ensure your pet is comfortable and safe while coming out of anesthesia to quickly return home with better breath and clean, shiny teeth. You may receive antibiotics to prevent against infection after cleaning and may be asked to offer a different diet if teeth or gums are sore.

Talk to your veterinarian to discuss a dental care routine that’s best for your pet and you.