Does My Cat/Dog Need an X-Ray?

Since our pets can’t always tell us they are uncomfortable, it is our duty as veterinarians to be your pet’s advocate. X-rays are quick, simple and help us gather more information to help our diagnostic process and recommend the best treatment plan.

Since 1895, x-rays have been used to identify everything from broken bones and tumors to foreign objects and pneumonia.

Dental x-rays for example are a valuable tool that allows us to visualize potential painful lesions in the mouth and prevent undue suffering.

X-rays help diagnose arthritis, fractures and general mobility issues. They can give a clear picture of organs, tissue, bladder/kidney stones, intestinal blockage or even pregnancy status! Chest x-rays can assist with pets as screening tools for cardiac disease or metastasis of cancer.

If your dog or cat has an injury, falls ill or displays unusual symptoms, an x-ray may be needed.