Every year, thousands of pets are lost! Not knowing where your beloved pet is or how to bring them home is a helpless and hopeless feeling. However, microchipping is a quick and easy solution that can help reunite you with your pet if they become lost.

What is Microchipping and Why is it Important?

A microchip is a tiny device about the size of a grain of rice that is placed under your pet’s skin. This chip can be scanned with a device that encodes a serial number. This serial number provides for accurate identification of the dog or cat, as well as the name, address and phone number of you, the owner.

Unlike a tag or collar, a microchip cannot fall off. If your pet is ever lost just simply call Home Again and they will sent out notifications to shelters and veterinary clinics in your area. We can provide this painless, quick service for your puppy or kitten at the time of other services or we’re happy to see them any time.

Gone are the days of nailing flyers to trees. Save yourself the headache and heartache. Microchips bring pets home.